Cultural Cadzand: from grain mill to art market

When you think about the village of Cadzand, you think about the beach. This village is situated at the location where the Western Scheldt flows into the North Sea, it has the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands, as well as beautiful beaches. But it’s not just sunshine, sea and beach though: also discover cultural Cadzand! Cadzand is situated at a distance of 13 kilometres from Breskens.

Zeeland sea and Het Zwin

Sunshine, sea and beach: popular and perfect reasons to pay a visit to the village of Cadzand. Just like nature reserve Het Zwin is. But this great seaside town has more to offer besides amazing nature and also offers culture to the visitors and residents. It is therefore really worth a visit for lovers of culture.

Grain mill, local market, church and art market

Visit the old grain mill where grain is milled every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon. You can be present during this process as a visitor! This is a typical trip appealing to both grandparents and grandchildren. A cosy monthly market displaying local produce is also organised near the mill. Buy the most delicious cakes, candy, bread and vegetables from the region Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and Flanders. Art lovers can also truly indulge themselves in Cadzand, in and around the church. Exhibitions are regularly held in this historical building, always involving a certain theme and often related to the region. An art market is organised next to the church on a regular basis, where artists and producers from all over the region sell their creations. How about that for a great souvenir!