Fortress city of Sluis: Burgundian enjoyment

You are not alone in the medieval Zeeuws-Vlaanderen fortress city of Sluis: every year, this picturesque town attracts approximately 5 million visitors! And that is with good reason: the Burgundian atmosphere and historical character make this town a popular destination and an absolute must-see. Sluis is situated at a distance of 17 kilometres from Breskens.

The fortress city of Sluis is situated close to the Belgian border and is known as friendly and atmospheric. The town accommodates many restaurants, shops and other sights. The shops are open seven days per week, making the city also a vibrant place on a Sunday. The rich history of the city can be felt everywhere, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of nature.

The ramparts of Sluis

The ramparts are the original defence walls of the city and are over 600 years old. Sluis was a flourishing trading town back in those days because of its location at the estuary Zwin, an important waterway back then. The new ramparts were built later, during the Eighty Years’ War, to protect the city against the Spaniards. The walls, the canals and the surrounding pastures are now part of a beautiful natural area.

Mill, Belfort and the ruins of the Sint Jans Church

This historical city logically has a lot of culture, in addition to nature. Visit mill De Brak or the impressive Belfort, a museum in the beating heart of Sluis. Check out the foundations of the Sint Jans Church which was built in the 14th century and severely damaged during the Eighty Years’ War. Stroll along the old fortress walls and city gates. Finish the day in the historical centre of Sluis, in a restaurant eating a pot of Zeeland mussels or on the terrace enjoying a Burgundian beer. Cheers!