Klassieke vuurwerkshow in chique badplaats Knokke

Knokke - a village in the municipality of Knokke-Heist - is considered the fancy seaside resort of the Flemish coast. Visit Knokke for a delicious diner, an afternoon of strolling along the water and, of course, the annual fireworks display. Knokke is situated at a distance of 25 kilometres from Breskens.

Colourful fireworks and classical music

Every year, the town of Knokke hosts a spectacular, international fireworks display on the beach, synchronised with classical music. The show has become an annual regular event for many in the month of August: listening to and watching an explosion of sound and colour.

Spectacle on the Zeeland beach

On the evening in question, at the end of August, the coast of Knokke is slowly filling up with people. The terraces are overcrowded, there is tension in the air. The time has come at 22.00 o’clock! The music starts softly and the sky is illuminated with pink, blue and yellow colours. While the music gets louder, the fireworks are becoming brighter and firmer. A harmonious play of fireworks and music follows, while all eyes on the beach and the terraces are facing upwards. Are you, alone, together or with your family, in Zeeland or Zeeuws-Vlaanderen at the end of August? Be sure to visit the spectacular fireworks display in the village of Knokke. 
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