Pot of mussels in the mussel-fishing city of Philippine

A mussel village is not what immediately comes to mind when you look at Philippine on the map. Yet, Philippine was a real fishing village not so long ago. Discover more about this Zeeuws-Vlaanderen mussel village in the municipality of Terneuzen during a route of 3 kilometres. Philippine is situated at a distance of 25 kilometres from the seaside town of Breskens.

Mussel village Philippine, the definition of gastronomy

The ports have vanished from this original fishing village since 1952, but the mussels are still abundantly present. Even though the village is home to less than 3,000 residents, there are no less than eight restaurants in the village, collectively serving 500,000 kilos of mussels per year. And with good reason: people come here to taste the mussels the village is known for.

Mussel Festivals

Pioneer was Arie Wiskerke, who started the first mussel restaurant here in 1949. Tip: taste the mussels “the Philippine-way”, cooked with herbs, vegetables and white wine. Would you like to attend the mussel festivals? Reserve the last weekend of August in your agenda. Did you eat too many mussels? Take a nice walk through the nature areas surrounding Philippine (approx. 6 to 10 kilometres). You may have some space left again after your walk for a pot of steaming mussels…