Travel in time with Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed: a museum street in Groede

The world is changing, we all know that. But that awareness truly takes shape when visiting Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed. Would you like to know more about the history of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen? Travel in time in Groede with Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed and in the museum street!

Back in time

During the time of our (grand)parents, the car was a curiosity, the telephone was a device only rich people had. Nobody had ever heard about radio or television. What did life look like without a washing machine, running water and central heating, but with traditional costumes and manual work? Museum Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed is a museum street in Groede that takes you back in time. Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed is a cultural concept with small shops and workshops, a Lutheran church, an inn offering accommodation in an historical atmosphere, a home theatre with cabaret programmes and a heritage shop with local produce from a historic monetary farm in the region. All this brought together in the Slijkstraatje, where you can see for yourself how life in West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen looked like a century ago.  

From home theatre to an antiquarian bookshop

The museum is not just one building with a permanent collection and changing exhibitions. No, the museum in Groede consists of different elements. It is a nostalgic experience you will certainly relive again, at home or in the future. Have a look at the several activities the museum has to offer here and immerse yourself in the history of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen!