General Terms and Conditions

Reservation and payment

  • Once the full payment is received within 24 hours, the booking is final and the renter receives a confirmation of the rental agreement.
  • The lessor has to charge a security deposit of € 100 for each accommodation booked. If the renter leaves the accommodation according to the rental conditions, the security deposit will be refunded by the lessor within 14 days following the departure on the bank account of the renter.

All prices mentioned are in Euro and including VAT.

Arrival and departure

  • The provision of the accommodation takes place by a keysafe.
  • The renter has to check the accommodation upon arrival. Should any shortcomings be detected and/or should there be any complaints, the lessor has to be notified of these observations no later than four hours following the arrival.
  • Early departures do not give rise to a discount on the rental price.
  • The renter has to leave the accommodation upon departure in a “broom clean condition” and the inventory has to be complete, in good condition and clean.
  • If the renter does not leave the accommodation correctly, the lessor is allowed to charge additional costs which will be deducted from the security deposit to be refunded.
  • Additional costs amounting to € 10 per item will be charged, among other things, if:
    • the garbage is not cleared away and disposed of;
    • het servies, de pannen, kookplaat en/of oven/magnetron niet schoon is;
    • er een volle vaatwasser wordt aangetroffen;
    • de aslade van de openhaard niet is geleegd;
    • gehuurde lakens niet van de bedden zijn gehaald.

Rights and obligations lessor

  • The lessor undertakes to make the accommodation available for the renter in good condition on the agreed day of arrival;
  • The lessor reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to provide another accommodation equivalent to the one agreed;
  • The lessor reserves the right to enter the accommodation at all times.
  • The lessor is not liable for:
    • theft, misappropriation, damage - of whatever kind - during or as a result of a stay in an accommodation rented out by him;
    • defective/deactivation of technical equipment;
    • information provided verbally or by telephone;
    • inconvenience or disturbance caused by third parties;
    • errors and mistakes recognisable as such on the website.

All prices mentioned are in Euro and including VAT. (Semi-)public measures and taxes imposed after publication of the prices, may be passed on to the renter.

Rights and obligations renter

  • The renter is not allowed to rent out or to put the accommodation at the disposal of third parties or to have more people stay overnight than agreed during the booking, unless with the permission of the lessor. The rental agreement will be considered dissolved upon violation of the above.
  • The renter has to use the accommodation as a “prudent man” and comply with the applicable house/park rules.
  • The renter undertakes to immediately notify the lessor of all damages, caused by his/her actions to the accommodation and/or the present inventory and to compensate for this damage.
  • The renter is not allowed to use the accommodation to practice a profession or to run a company.
  • The use of equipment for cooking, washing and heating, other than the ones installed in the accommodation, is not allowed.
  • With the exception of bicycles, the renter is not allowed to charge electric vehicles using the electricity of the accommodation.
  • The renter is not allowed to cause disturbance to the environment, for example by making noise, playing loud music or using a barbecue.
  • The renter is only allowed to use the spaces that are not closed off.
  • Pets are only allowed if this is mentioned explicitly in the description of the accommodation and also indicated during the booking.


The lessor is authorised to dissolve the rental agreement without notice of default if:

  • the total amount of the invoice has not been paid upon commencement of the rental period;

  • the renter fails to move into the accommodation prior to 21.00 o’clock on the agreed arrival day without notifying the lessor;

  • the renter does not comply with the obligations under these General Terms and Conditions and/or the house rules/rules of conduct.

Without prejudice to the liability of the renter for the total rental price in the cases mentioned in the previous paragraph, the lessor is obliged (in order to limit the damage caused in those cases) to try and rent out the accommodation to someone else during the time in which it will not be occupied by the renter. The amount consequently received will be deducted from the rental price due by the renter, minus a deduction for administrative costs. This also applies if the renter is unable to make use of the accommodation due to personal or other circumstances.

Revocation, cancellation and interim termination

  • The right to revocation and a reflection period are excluded in this case.
  • If you cancel at least 4 weeks before arrival, you will receive the full amount back from us. Up to 2 weeks before arrival you will receive a 50% refund and if you cancel within 2 weeks before arrival, you must pay the entire amount. So pay attention to this!
  • The renter can terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the lessor increases the price without this being a direct result of circumstances described above under “rights and obligations lessor”.


Furthermore, all provisions of the Dutch law apply and the court in Middelburg is hereby declared competent.